Vendor Registration - Rock 'n' Roll Swap meet

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What can you sell at the Rock ’n’ Roll Swap Meet? Here are a few ideas - old band buttons, vintage sunglasses, concert t-shirts, and leather jackets that you might not fit into anymore. Maybe you have milk crates full of old CD’s, records, or tapes, (of all genres), that you haven't touched or played in a couple of years. Do you have ticket stubs, autographs, photos or silk screened posters from past shows that you no place to hang up? What about a shelf of old books, autobiographies, or magazines that you’re done reading that you’ve been holding on to long enough? We’re sure it’s safe to bet that some of you acoustic and electric guitars, drums, keyboards, horns, amplifiers, pedals, microphones and road cases that you haven't used in ages. Maybe you have some your parent’s old turntables, stereos, boomboxes, cassette players, or speakers that are sitting in a basement or garage that are yearning to be turned on and turned up!

If you answered yes to two or more of those questions, you need to sign up to be a vendor at the ROCK’N’ROLL SWAP MEET.

Vendor Information & Rules

Please read the following Vendor Information & Rules before signing up for the Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet!

Vendor Space Details

  • Each space is 12’ deep x 12’ wide: $60 per market

** Table and chair rental is not available.

Vendor Load-in

  • Vendor load-in begins at 9:00am.
  • Vendor spaces are on ground level. Please bring carts for heavy items.Vendors must be set-up and ready to go by 10am.
  • Vendors must arrive and be set-up by 9:40am.

Vendor Load-out

  • Vendor load-out begins at 4pm.
  • Vendors may not load out before 4pm.
  • All vendors must finish loading by 5:30pm.
  • All vendor items must be removed at the end of the market and spaces must be free of all trash.
  • There will be a $25 fine for leaving any garbage and items in your vendor space after the event.

Vendor Rules

Please read ALL rules before signing up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet!

  • Refunds are not available. We will consider a date change if you notify us 72 hours prior to the market date of which you cannot participate.
  • All vendors must sell items that are music related. This doesn’t mean that everything you sell needs to be music related.
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet is a privately produced market and reserves the right to refuse participation by vendors that do not fit the business model of this music related event including but not limited to: political groups, commercial companies that promote goods and services not related to music, religious organizations, etc... Items that are not allowed to be sold at the market include: food or edible items (this includes anything that can be consumed – bottled beverages, candy, pre-packaged items), paint (in a can or aerosol), paraphernalia, weapons, alcohol, illegal substances, items that contain nudity, and items that promote hate or intolerance of any type are NOT allowed! All vendors and vendor merchandise is subject to review and approval by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet in order to maintain the format of the market business model.
  • The event will be held indoors in a large barn-style building that has heat in the winter and AC for summer months.
  • Please watch your merchandise and money and do not leave any valuables in your cars. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet is not responsible for theft or damage to merchandise or vehicles. If you see a security issue, please notify staff immediately.
  • There will be food trucks at the event. You are also welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Please bring change for your buyers – ones, fives, tens and quarters. Vendors are responsible for all transactions with buyers. ATMs will be located in the building.
  • There will be garbage and recycling bins at the event. Please recycle if possible!

Music and amplification at Booth Spaces

We want to provide a great experience for vendors and shoppers. Music playing constantly in your space will not be allowed. We ask that you provide headphones for the shoppers to listen to records, cds, tapes, etc... If amps, equipment and instruments are being tested, please provide headphones or keep the volume to a minimum and testing sessions under 60 seconds. Power is available

Utah State Tax Forms

You do NOT need a business license to sell at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet.

The State of Utah requires each vendor to submit a simple tax form to participate in any flea market, swap meet, fair or event where items are being sold. Each vendor space will need to provide a name, address, phone number, birth date and ONE of the following: driver’s license, state ID, state tax or tax exempt number. Tax forms will be supplied. Each vendor is responsible for completing and submitting the provided tax form. If you are participating in more than one Rock ‘n’ Roll Swap Meet, you will only need to submit ONE tax form for all dates that you participate.

How to Register

To secure a 12x12 vendor space with a credit or debit card, please complete the online vendor application by clicking 'Register Online Now' below.

To pay with check or money order, please email  and we will contact you to make arrangements and get your registration information

Again, please review ALL vendor rules before registering. Thank you!